Контактний телефон +380322880684
Безкоштовна оцінка вартості пошиття
Контактний телефон +380322880684
Безкоштовна оцінка вартості пошиття

Cooperation with Lviv Sewing Factory

LSF successfully cooperates in B2B format and invites new partners for corporate orders!


Step by step how to cooperate with out garment factory

Time required: 14 days.

How to start cooperation with the garment factory?

  1. Find out in the “Sewing Services” section what we have already dealt with

    Not everything we can manufacture is on the site, but it will save you and our time if you need to sew costumes for astronauts, we have not done so… 🙂

  2. Decide on all the necessary details for cooperation

    From the required quantity and materials to the terms and methods of delivery. All the details are important for the most detailed miscalculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of products for cooperation with the garment factory?

For long-term cooperation with LSF, only orders from 1000 pieces are considered. However, if you need samples and trial batches of 100 pieces, you can contact our partners through the startup yourbrand.today they will come up with something!

What are the maximum production capacities?

It all depends on the product, the complicating elements and the workload. With average performance, making simple products like a t-shirt is measured in thousands of units per month. If the reverse is wrong, we can dress a big company in a month!

How to start cooperation with Lviv Sewing Factory?

You are on the right page for complete information on cooperation with the Sewing Factory! However, if you still have questions, or just want to get acquainted with the team for a good coffee, call: +380932290074, write sewing@factory.lviv.ua and find us on social networks!